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     April 14, 2018 - I have found and corrected another error in my Sine programming spreadsheet.

     May 12, 2017 - Storing a vast array of tools, test equipment and parts for field use has been an ongoing concern of mine for decades. I have started a new page that shows some of my approaches to storage in the Explorer.

     March 19, 2016 - I have begun to scan some of the vintage broadcast brochures in my collection. This online collection of brochures will take some time to grow as there are many demands on my time.

     March 16, 2016 - I have begun to scan some of the vintage broadcast catalogs in my collection. This online collection of catalogs will take some time to grow as there are many demands on my time.

     February 13, 2016 - I have converted my computers from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice, and I am in the process of converting all of the files available here.

     December 13, 2015 - I have posted scans of the Energy-Onix Pulsar 250-500-1000 AM Transmitter Manuals.

     April 11, 2015 - I have reorganized some pages to consolidate examples of a few projects from recent years.

     Februray 3, 2015 - The photos and contents descriptions for my primary tool kit for my work as a broadcast chief engineer have been revised to show my new Platt case.

     April 5, 2013 - I have added the manual for the LPB AM25 and AM30 transmitters, including the P version with a high stability crystal for broadcasting, on my manuals page.

     October 20, 2013 - Two more vintage manuals are now online - the Gates M-5133C Gatesway Console and the Gates M-5167 "Sta-Level" Automatic Program Level Amplifier.

     October 17, 2013 - I have added manuals for the Gates M-6543 Solid Statesman Limiter and the combined manual for the Gates MO 2890 Frequency Monitor and MO 2639 Modulation Monitor.

     October 17, 2013 - I have added manuals for the RCA Model WX-2A Field Intensity Meter and the Nems-Clarke / Vitro Model 120-E Field Intensity Meter

     October 14, 2013 - I have added a new page to hold a slowly growing collection of broadcast equipment manuals.

     October 14, 2013 - The manuals for the Phoenix microsystems 5575A and 5575B T1 Micro BERT Test Sets are now available on my manuals page.

     October 14, 2013 - The schematics for the LPB Low Power AM Transmitters and options are now available on my manuals page.

     October 14, 2013 - The manual for the Nems-Clarke Model 120-D Field Intensity Meter is now available on my manuals page.

     October 7, 2013 - I have finally gotten around to putting a online a listing of my broadcast manufacturers' and dealers' catalogs, price lists and brochures.

     October 6, 2013 - The McMartin Model AM-25 AM Noise Meter instruction sheet is now available on my manuals page.

     June 9, 2012 - You can download the Gentner VRC2000 remote control hardware manual, the programming worksheets, the VRCWin software and its manual, and the MS-DOS SetupVRC software with instructions from my manuals page.

     October 1, 2012 - While setting up the programming for a new transmitter site I discovered an error in my Sine worksheet - address 0360 had been entered as 0380.   I also found that, instead of the factory programming, some of my addresses were set for the altered EEPROM map that I most frequently use.   I have corrected those errors in the master worksheet.

     January 11, 2012 - Some engineers have expressed an interest in the 2001 CD-ROM edition of the Andrew catalog because they find the online CommScope catalog difficult to use.   I have found that the CD does not work properly on newer computers, so I have extracted the files from it and created a PDF of Andrew Catalog 38.   I have added bookmarks and virtual page numbers to make it easier to use.   This is a large file - about 36 mb.

     October 6, 2011 - In response to a question on the premier engineering forums, Virtual Engineer, I have created a page showing an example of the damage that can occur when a tower is not properly maintained.

     January 28, 2010 - Because the RF Specialties web site has vanished I have added a download of their RFS Technical Programs.

     October 27, 2009 - I've revised my Microsoft Excel files for documenting 66M and 66B punch blocks.   Each now has two sheets, for blocks with and without trunks.   The sheets for blocks with trunks have the standard Belden mult color codes in the first color column.

     March 6, 2009 - Since the late 1980s I have used Sunout to predict satellite solar outages. It is an MS-DOS program that can predict the entire span of outages for a satellite in a season, with estimates of severity, the overall daily outage window, and the daily window of maximum severity. It does not come with satellite data, so the user has to provide that. It can handle only whole degrees of satellite spacing, so if you have a sat at half-degree spacing you will have to set up two pseudo-sats at the whole degrees on either side and interpolate the results.

     May 27, 2008 - Michael Barnes has shared his photos of the 22-May-2008 Salem Radio Network UPS Room Burnup.

     April 3, 2008 - I've posted a 1024x768 bitmap image of the WBZ towers past and present. On the left are the original WBZ (later WBZA) towers atop the old Westinghouse factory in East Springfield. That site is slated for imminent destruction. On the right are the current WBZ towers in Hull.

     June 15, 2004 - The earlier database file used for programming the Sine Systems RFC-1 and RFC-1B has been replaced by a new Microsoft Excel version.

     June 9, 2004 - For the members of the CRTech mailing list I have posted a PDF file containing the affidavit in support of applications for search and arrest warrants in the 1993 case of the Roanoke Phantom. Note that this is a large file (5.44 Meg) and that one section contains examples of the indecent language sometimes used on aircraft frequencies by the Phantom.

     September 6, 2003 - Follow a vintage Gates BC-1G transmitter on moving day.

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